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Penn Central Transportation Company: Adequacy of Investor Protection Hearing Before the Special Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, 91st Congress, Second Session 9-24-1970 Serial No. 91-98 (PCTC Investors 9-24-1970.pdf) 11.775MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

92d Congress, First Session, Staff Report of the Committee on Banking and Currency "The Penn Central Failure and the Role of Financial Institutions"

"Part I - Effects of Penn Central's Diversification Program on the Railroad's Cash Position" 11-2-1970 (PC Failure Part I 11-2-1970.pdf) 537KB

"Part II - Case Study of a Penn Central Subsidiary: Executive Jet Aviation" 12-21-1970 (PC Failure Part II 12-21-1970.pdf) 6.578MB

"Part III - Penphil: The Misuse of Corporate Power" 2-15-1971 (PCTC Failure Part III 2-15-1971.pdf) 4.2MB

"Part IV - Penn Central Loses Four Million Dollars: A Story of International Intrigue" 3-11-1971 (PCTC Failure Part IV 3-11-1971.pdf) 1.17MB

"Part V - Trading in Penn Central Stock: Financial Institutions and Privileged Information" 3-29-1971 (PCTC Failure Part V 3-29-1971.pdf) 1.840MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

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