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Valuation Maps


Division Maps

11-1-1941 copy (PRR Division Maps 11-1-1941 copy.pdf) 5.650MB
3-1-1964 (PRR Division Maps 3-1-1964.pdf) 14.938MB


System Maps

3-1-1964 (PRR System Map 1964.pdf) 7.877MB

Showing regional headquarters 3-1-1964 (PRR Division Map 3-1-1964.pdf) 3.159MB

Showing regions, divisions, and headquarters 3-1-1964 (PRR System Map 3-1-1964.pdf) 1.172MB

11-1-1955 (PRR System Map 11-1-1955.pdf) 1.777MB

1-1953 (PRR System Map 1-1953.pdf) 18.624MB

Pennsylvania Railroad (System) Map and Connections 1953 (PRR US System Map 1953.pdf) 13.848MB

Pennsylvania Railroad (System) Map and Connections 1953 Back (PRR US System Map 1953 Back.pdf) 14.989MB

System and Trackage Map 9-12-1949 (PRR System Track Map 1949.pdf) 4.497MB

1939 (PRR System Map 1939.pdf)

System and Region Map 8-1-1937 (PRR System Map 8-1-1937.pdf) 17.256MB


Front (PRR System Map 1934.pdf) 4.327MB
Back (PRR System Map back 1934.pdf) 3.736MB

c.1932 (PRR System Map c.1932.pdf) 1.833MB

1-1-1923 (PRR System Map 1-1-1923.pdf) 16.553MB

US, System and its Connections 1916

Front (PRR US System Map 1916.pdf) 20.673MB
Back (PRR US System Map 1916 back.pdf) 15.304MB

1907 (PRR System Map 1907.pdf) 2.592MB


System Map (undated c.1950) (PRR System Map c1950.pdf) 4.73MB

System Map showing number of tracks per route (undated) (PRR System Capy Map.pdf) 1.594MB

System Map (Anderson, undated) (PRR System Map Anderson.pdf) 4.863MB

System Map and Southern Connections (undated) (PRR System & Southern Conx Map.pdf) 2.58MB

US and System Maps (undated)

Front (PRR US System Map.pdf) 14.083MB
Back (PRR US System Map back.pdf) 11.916MB

Front "8 of America's 10 Largest Cities are Served Directly by the Pennsylvania Railroad" (PRR System Map X Front.pdf) 6.526MB
Back "For Dependable Transportation Service ... Pennsylvania Railroad" with list of local freight and passenger traffic representatives (PRR System Map X Back.pdf) 1.601MB


Region Maps

Lake Region 4-1957 (PRR Lake Region Operating Facilities Map 4-1957.pdf) 3.076MB

Northern Region Operating Facilities including Proposed Track Removal 10-1957 (PRR Northern Region Map 10-1957.pdf) 11.048MB

11-1955 (PRR Regional Map 1955.pdf) 7.439MB

Central Region Map No. 9450-A 3-1931 Revised 7-1939, 11-1943, 2-1952 (PRR Central Region Map 1952.pdf) 6.786MB

Eastern Region, Philadelphia Terminal Division, Schuylkill Branch Map Showing Switching Districts As Shown On General Notice No. 503 2-14-1950 (PRR Schuylkill Branch Map 1950.pdf) 1.792MB

Lines West (from "Pan-Handle Route." PCC&StL Rwy Co. Bases for Freight Rates folder) 10-1-1908 (PRR Lines West Map 10-1-1908.pdf) 3.883MB

Pennsylvania Railroad Company's Lines East of Pittsburgh and Erie 7-1-1900 (PRR East Map 1900.pdf) 3.178MB


Vicinity Maps

Central Region Canton, OH & Vicinity Map 6-1924 Revised 3-1946 (PRR1924Canton-150c.pdf) 1.532MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal - Rails and Trails

Western Region Ft. Wayne Division Tiffin, OH Diagram of Tracks 5-4-1966 Revised 7-11-1966 (PRR Tiffin Map 7-11-1966.pdf) 644KB

PRR/USGS Columbus Map 1956 (PRR Columbus Map 1956.pdf) 470KB

PRR Indianapolis Map from Board of Directors Inspection Trip 11-1956 (PRR Indy Map 11-1956.pdf) 73KB

Pittsburgh Track Layout Between 11th St. and 51st St. 4-16-1948 copy (PRR Pgh Yard Maps.pdf) 9.462MB

Columbus, Ohio and Vicinity Map 5-20-1946 (PRR Columbus Map 5-20-1946.pdf) 3.986MB

Plan Showing Relative Location of Chicago Railroads Serving the Stock Yards Through the Chicago Junction Railway and the Chicago River & Indiana Railroad 3-5-1924 (PRR Chicago Stock Yards 3-5-1924.pdf) 9.573MB

Industrial Map of the Pittsburgh District No. 9575 8-1924 (PRR Pgh Map 8-1924.pdf) 6.571MB

Duquesne Freight Station and Warehouse c.1923 copy (PRR Pgh Yard Maps.pdf) 9.462MB

Pittsburgh Produce Yard and 16th St. Freight Station c.1923 copy (PRR Pgh Yard Maps.pdf) 9.462MB

Pittsburgh Federal St. Station c.1923 copy (PRR Pgh Yard Maps.pdf) 9.462MB

Buffalo & Vicinity No. 9304-A 1-1921 last revised 7-1931 (PRR Buffalo Map 7-1931.pdf) 2.897MB

Philadelphia Map "The Wanamaker Diary" 1907 (PRR Phila Map 1907.pdf) 6.215MB

Pittsburgh map of downtown rail lines 1855 copy (PRR Pgh Yard Maps.pdf) 9.462MB


Other Maps

Western Region Southwestern Division Locations Requiring Special Attention During Heavy Rains & High Water Plan No. 31264 3-12-1964 (PRR SW Flood Zones Map 3-12-1964.pdf) 1.309MB

Chesapeake Region Detour Chart 10-7-1958 Revised 7-1-1962 (PRR Chesapeake Region Detour Chart 10-7-1958.pdf) 2.785MB

Map C: Bituminous Coal Mines Illinois-Indiana Location of Mines on Pennsylvania R.R. p.55 6-15-1956 (PRR IN & IL Bit Coal Mines Map p55 6-15-1956.pdf) 922KB

Bituminous Coal Origin Districts on the Pennsylvania Railroad and Lateral Lines Showing Rate Basis to Eastern Destination Territory 11-2-1954 (PRR Eastern Coal Map 11-2-1954.pdf) 6.366MB

Station-to-Station Truck Routes, Zone Stations ~ Distribution Points For Handling L.C.L. Traffic 1-1-1951 (PRR Truck Routes Map 1951.pdf) 5.181MB

West Virginia Panhandle and Eastern Ohio Bituminous Coal Properties No. 8 Field 11-1946 (PRR Panhandle Region Coal Map 1940.pdf) 9.229MB (Image Processing Courtesy Steven Titchenal Rails & Trails

Ports Map 1946

Front (PRR Ports Map 1946.pdf) 11.965MB
Back (PRR Ports Map 1946 Back.pdf) 4.492MB

Western Region Indianapolis Division Detour Chart No. 10515 Revised 1-28-1942 (PRR Indy Detours Map 1-28-1942.pdf) 4.536MB

The Port of New York Authority New York Harbor Terminals 1940 (PRR NYC Harbor Map 1940.pdf) 6.485MB

Partial Philadelphia Terminal Division Trolley Sectionalization Chart c.1950 (PRR Phila Electrical Plant c.1950.pdf) 6.117MB Courtesy Rob Mandeville Collection


Yard Maps

Diagram of Logansport Yards A, B & C Map 4-1-1966 (PRR Loganport Yards Map 4-1-1966.pdf) 1.508MB

Weirton Yards diagram 6-12-1943 (PRR Weirton Yard Diagram 6-12-1943.pdf) 4.627MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Columbus, Ohio Yards 3-26-1931 Revised 6-26-1946 (PRR Columbus Yards Map 3-26-1931.pdf) 7.003MB


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