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2006 New York State Senate High Speed Rail Task Force Action Program here.
United States Railway Association news here.

Some PRR waybills here.
Ohio Rail Transportation Authority "RailOhio" Rail Plan for Ohio 1978-1979 here.

Conrail 1984 Eastern Region inspection trip here.

Some Chessie System C&N and Ohio-Newark Divisions bulletins here, trainmaster bulletins here, general orders here, general notices here.

Conrail 1998 Indianapolis Division interlocking charts here.

Penn Central Columbus Division bulletin orders here, general notices here.

Mahoning County, OH 1999 and 2000 maps here.
Portage County, OH 2011-2012 map here.
Alabama 2002 and Oklahoma 2000 state rail maps here.
Conrail 1985 Youngstown Division track chart, 3-6&7-1985 Central Region inspection trip here.

CSX 1998 & 2000 system maps here.
Wheeling & Lake Erie Rwy 1999, 2012 & 2014 system maps here.
Guilford Railroad system map here.

Union Pacific 1964, 1978, 1984, 1997 & 2004 system maps here.
BNSF 2007 system map here.

BNSF 2004 system map here.
Zanesville & Western RR 2016 system map, various valuation maps here.
Ohio Southern RR system map here.
Amtrak 1980 system map here.
Conrail 1997 Philadelphia Division Inspection Trip here.

Early Conrail Columbus Division bulletin orders here.
A few early Conrail Columbus Division general notices here.

A variety of Penn Central timetables here.

Rails Northeast May 1983 here.

Amtrak train flyers 11-1976, 1-1977 & 4-1977 here.

Amtrak 1972 timetable of services in New York City, Chicago and Kansas City region with intermediate stations here.
Almost a week's worth of Chessie System VA Jct. station sheets c.5-1977 and possible track diagram here.
A few early 1980s Conrail Allegheny A Division track diagrams and proposed changes here.

AAR 1954 Railway Progress here.
Conrail's 1997 International Development Research Council/Indianapolis World Congress Trip Guide here.

AAR "A Review of Railroad Operations in 1965" here.

Conrail 1980 Allegheny A Division track chart here.

Interurban Trails by Joseph A. Galloway here.
New York World's Fair 1939 Railroad on Parade Book of the Pageant, Bill of the Play here.
AAR "Names and Nicknames of Freight Trains Operated on the Railroads of the United States and Canada" 1952 here.

PennDOT 2015 state rail map here.
Conrail 1979 Cleveland vicinity map here.
A number of B&O 1967 Keyser, WV clearance cards here.
Conrail 1996 Indianapolis C Desk dispatcher sheets here.

Akron Metro Regional Transit Authority docs here.

Michigan Central 1897 Toledo linen map here.
Lehigh Valley 1962 CAFR, 1975 ETT #10, and other fixed links here.
c.1985 Conrail Altoona vicinity map here.
1985 Conrail Allegheny Division track chart here.

A number of The Pennsy magazines here.

Batch #2 of 2 Hulett blueprints here, here, here, and here.

1965 591-page "Confidential" Pennsylvania Railroad Company and New York Central Railroad Company Merger proposal here.

Conrail 1983 Buffalo, Canada, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Harrisburg, Michigan, New England, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Southwest, and Toledo Divisions track charts here.

Batch #1 of 2 Hulett blueprints here, here, and here.

N&W 1984 Moberly Division, 1968 Clinch Valley District, 1968 Norfolk Division, 1968 Pocahontas District, 1968 Radford District, 1968 Shenandoah District & 1968 Winston-Salem District track charts here.

2006 and 2010 PennDOT rail maps here.

Rosebud Mining proposed Dohrman Mine near Tippecanoe, OH map here.
BNSF intro flyer here.
PRR 1932 system map here.
PRR 1937 New York and Richmond timetable here.
Conrail 1989 Safety Training Observation Program forms here.
Conrail 1997 Indianapolis Division snowstorm instructions here.
Conrail 1996 system and rationalization map here.
Conrail 1995 CAFR here.
Conrail large and small envelopes here.
Conrail 1997 Buckeye Yard evacuation plan here.
Conrail 1989 Buckeye Yard Operating Practices and yard diagrams here.
Conrail Conway Yard visitors guide here.
Zanesville & Western Scenic RR 2010 system ETT here.

2010 and 2013 revised General Code of (railroad) Operating Rules here.
1977 Conrail system map here.
Maryland Transit/MARC 2013 system maps here, 2013 timetables here.
Penn Central excessive dimensions label here.
1973 Penn Central Southern Region ETT #6 here.
Some 2014 Amtrak timetables here.
Some 2000 & 2001 Amtrak ETTs here.
A few 2013 Amtrak flyers here.

Conrail 1990 & 1991 Philadelphia Division track charts here.

1996 Ohio Rail Development Commission Ohio Strategic Railway System map here.
Rails Northeast 2&3-1983 here.

51 PRR Ft. Wayne Line valuation maps between Beaver County, PA to Wooster, OH here.

More PRR C&P valuation maps Yellow Creek-Bayard here.

"Key Facts About The Proposed Merger of the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroads" c.1962 here.
AAR Railroad Industry Periodicals c.1988 here.
PC Railfan 5&6-1975 here.


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