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Buckeye Division

Industry Track Chart 1-1-1967 Courtesy Bob Deihl Collection

Front Cover (PRR Buckeye Div Front Cover TC 1967.pdf) 181KB
Chart Legend (PRR Buckeye Div Chart Legend TC 1967.pdf) 170KB
Buckeye Division Map (PRR Buckeye Div Map TC 1967.pdf) 439KB
Subdivisions #1 & #2 and Columbus & Newark Division: Main Line MP 67+2000' to Port Columbus (PRR Buckeye Div ML Cadiz-Port Columbus TC 1967.pdf) 4.811MB
Subdivisions #2 & #9: Zanesville Branch Trinway-Morrow, Zanesville Terminal Railroad West Zanesville-Muskingum (PRR Buckeye Div Zanesville Br TC 1967.pdf) 6.532MB
Subdivision #3: Sandusky Branch Columbus (Jct. with Akron Branch) to Hudson Street (Including Grogan & Pennor Yards) (N&W Main Tracks) (PRR Buckeye Div Sandusky Br TC.pdf) 844KB
Subdivisions #3 @ #5: Main Line Port Columbus-Bradford (PRR Buckeye Div ML Port Columbus-Bradford TC 1967.pdf) 4.682MB
Subdivisions #3 & #7: Akron Branch Orrville-Columbus, Dresden Branch Killbuck-Blissfield (PRR Buckeye Div Akron Br TC 1967.pdf) 5.097MB
Subdivisions #3 & #4: Main Line Columbus-Xenia (PRR Buckeye Div ML Columbus-Xenia TC 1967.pdf) 2.694MB
Subdivision #4: Lytle Branch Dayton-Lytle (Dayton-Lytle Industrial Track), Hempstead Branch Clement to Hempstead (Clement-Hempstead Industrial Track) (PRR Buckeye Div Hempstead & Lytle Brs TC 1967.pdf) 1.487MB
Subdivision #4: Springfield Branch Xenia-Springfield (Springfield Secondary Track) (PRR Buckeye Div Springfield Br TC 1967.pdf) 1.068MB
Subdivision #4: Main Line Dayton Branch Xenia-New Paris (PRR Buckeye Div ML Dayton Br TC 1967.pdf) 3.319MB
Subdivisions #9 & #10: Main Line Xenia-Cincinnati (PRR Buckeye Div ML Xenia-Cincinnati TC 1967.pdf) 2.904MB
Subdivision #9: Middletown Branch Middletown Junction-Middletown (PRR Buckeye Div Middletown Br TC 1967.pdf) 862MB
Subdivision #10: Richmond Branch Cincinnati-Richmond (PRR Buckeye Div Cincy-Richmond Br TC 1967.pdf) 4.3MB
Subdivision #10: Undercliff Branch Redbank-Cincinnati, Cincinnati Street Connection Tracks (PRR Buckeye Div Undercliff Red Bank Cincy Br TC 1967.pdf) 875KB
Subdivisions #9 & #10: Lebanon Branch Lebanon-Cincinnati (PRR Buckeye Div Lebanon Br TC 1967.pdf) 2.498MB
Subdivision #11: Ft. Wayne Branch Richmond to MP 69+2640 (PRR Buckeye Div Ft. Wayne Br TC 1967.pdf) 3.792MB
Subdivision #11: Richmond Branch Richmond-Anoka (PRR Buckeye Div Richmond-Anoka Br TC 1967.pdf) 5.711MB
Subdivision #11: Muncie Branch Matthews-Muncie (PRR Buckeye Div Muncie Br TC 1967.pdf) 1.266MB
Subdivision #12: Main Line Bradford-New Paris (PRR Buckeye Div ML Bradford-New Paris TC 1967.pdf) 1.473MB
Subdivision #12: Main Line New Paris-Thorne (PRR Buckeye Div ML New Paris-Thorne TC 1967.pdf) 3.296MB
Back Cover (PRR Buckeye Div Back Cover TC 1967.pdf) 1.852MB


Central Region

E&A Division West Rochester to Ashtabula; Alliance, Bessemer Branches 12-3-1944 (PRR E&A Div I TC 1944.pdf) 794KB

E&A Division Homewood Jct. to Erie; Beaver Valley, Mahoningtown Branches 12-31-1944 (PRR E&A Div II TC 1944.pdf) 660KB

E&A Division Mahoningtown to Stoneboro; New Castle, Wolf Creek Branches 12-31-1944 (PRR E&A Div III TC 1944.pdf) 260KB

Eastern Division Pitt-Crestline Main Line; M&C, Bayard Cutoff, River, Walhonding Branches 1-1-1943 (PRR Eastern Div TC 1-1-1943.pdf) 3.033MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails

Lake Division Marietta, Strasburg, and Tuscarawas Branches 1-1-1967 (PRR Lake Div Brs TC 1-1-1967.pdf) 4.011MB

Lake Division Marietta, Strasburg, and (MP 38 Roswell-MP 26 Goshen Twp. portion of the) Tuscarawas Branches c.pre-1967 (PRR Lake Div Brs TCx c.pre-1967.pdf) 7.1MB Courtesy Bob Deihl Collection

Panhandle Division Zanesville, Wegee, Mill Run Branches 1-1-1952 (PRR PH Div Brs TC 1-1-1952.pdf) 4.048MB

Pittsburgh-Columbus Panhandle Main Line 1950 (PRR PH ML TC 1950.pdf) Courtesy Rails Northeast

Pittsburgh Division Pittsburgh-Altoona Main Line 12-31-1951 (PRR Pittsburgh Div TC 1951.pdf) 869KB

Pittsburgh Division Langeloth, Hickory, Burgetts, Ohio Connecting Rwy., Scully, Westland, Bridgeville & McDonald, Washington & Waynesburg/Waynesburg Secondary, Chartiers/Washington Secondary Branches 1-1-1966 (PRR Pittsburgh Div Branches TC 1-1-1966.PDF) 3.594MB

Pittsburgh Region District B Chartiers, Washington & Waynesburg RR, Bridgeville & McDonald, Westland, Palanka, Ohio Connecting Rwy, Burgetts, Hickory, Langeloth Branches 1-1-1959 (PRR Pittsburgh Div Dist B TC 1-1-1959.PDF) 5.137MB

Pittsburgh Division No. 9756 Monongahela River Line; White Hall, Axle Works, Streets Run, Port Perry, McKeesport, Brilliant, Duquesne Way Elevated, Turtle Creek, Lyons Run, Essler, Southwest, Radebaugh, Bush Creek, Bull Run, Jeannette, Manor, Youghiogheny, East Pittsburgh, Alexandria, Dundale, Jamison, New Florence, Bolivar, Bradenville, Bradenville Short Spur, Unity, Lippincott, Whitney, Summerhill, Johnstown, Sang Hollow Extension Branches 12-31-1951 (PRR Pittsburgh Div Br TC 1951.pdf) 980KB

Pittsburgh Division No. 9756/9868 Monongahela Branch Main Line; White Hall, Axle Works, Streets Run, Port Perry, McKeesport, Peters Creek, Ellsworth, Cokeburg, Ontario, Redstone, Grindstone, Keister, Vance Mill Branches 12-31-1951 (PRR Pittsburgh Div Mon Br TC 1951.pdf) 903KB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails

Pittsburgh Division Cresson Branch and Branches 12-31-1951 (PRR Pittsburgh Div Cresson Br TC 1951.pdf) 1.309MB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails

Pittsburgh Division Southwest, Radebaugh, Hempfield, Andrews Run, Youghiogheny, Sewickley, Boyer Run, Brinker Run, Mammouth, Bessemer, Marguerite, Yukon, Hunter Run, Scottdale, Morewood, Everson & Broadford, Opossum Run, Coal Lick Run, Rainey, Fairchance, Oliphant Branches 12-31-1951 (PRR Pittsburgh Div SW Brs TC 1951.pdf) 900KB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails


Lake Region

Canton District Toledo Branch 1960 (PRR Lake Reg Canton Dist Toledo Br TC 1960.tiff) 18.555MB

Cleveland District Bayard-Cleveland Main Line 7-7-1964 (PRR Lake Division Bayard-Cleveland TC 7-7-1964.PDF) 3.161MB

Cleveland District Homewood Jct.-Erie; Beaver Valley, Mahoningtown Branches 1-1-1958 (PRR Lake Region H-E Branches TC 1-1-1958.PDF) 2.848MB


Southwestern Region

Main Line Thorne-East St. Louis Showing Industries 1-1-1961 (PRR SW Reg ML Track Chart 1-1-1961.tiff) 29.584MB


Western Region

Chicago Division (possibly only a portion of) 1-1-1965 (PRR Chicago TC 12-31-1964.pdf) 3.425MB


St. Louis Division Second Track Altamont-Brownstown Plan and Profile Valuation Section 5-111 Plan #1103 Revised 10-22-1925 (PRR St Louis Div Alamont-Brownsville TC 10-22-1925.pdf) 12.250MB


Cherry Tree and Dixonville RR Main Line; Loop Cut-Off, Gallaher, Shanktown, Possum Glory, Buck Run, Rodkey, Western, Sample Run, Long Run, Price Run Branches 12-31-1951 (PRR Cherry Tree-Dixonville TC 1951.pdf) 343KB Courtesy Stephen Titchenal Rails & Trails

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