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Youngstown Division c.1979 (CR Youngstown Side Tracks.pdf) 26.865MB


CR-P&LE Proposal c.1985.pdf Panhandle Tonnage Chart (CR Panhandle Tonnage Chart.xls)

Panhandle Routing Distances (CR Routing Distances.pdf)

Parsons-Brinkerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc.-Michel Rationalization 11-17-1988 (Pattison-Michel 1-17-1988.pdf)

Conrail Update - A magazine for shippers. Published for the customers of Conrail freight service by the Public Affairs Dept. in cooperation with the Sales and Marketing Depts.

#28 (CR Update #28.pdf) 11.707MB
#38 (CR Update #38.pdf) 7.05MB

"Conrail's Ashtabula, Ohio Coal Dock" c.1-25-1995 (CR Ashtabula Coal Dock c.1-25-1995.pdf)

Information & Instruction Manual (Eastern Region) 4-1-1976 (CR Information & Instruction Manual Eastern Region 4-1-1976.pdf) 4.561MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Standard Tasks Basic Track Maintenance Revised 3-3-1988 (CR Standard Tasks 3-3-1988.pdf)

"The Book" Central Region Transportation Guide for Car Inspection & Repair 1-16-1980 (CR The Book 1-16-1980.pdf) 10.833MB

"Rise from the Wreckage: A Brief History of Conrail" L. Stanley Crane 5-4-1988 (CR Crane CR History 5-4-1988.pdf) 4.272MB

L. Stanley Crane Letter 3-30-1981 (CR Crane Letter 3-30-1981.pdf) MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

Geographic Information System Feasibility Demo (CR GIS Presentation.pdf)

Derailment Dollars: A Guide for Estimating the Value of Lading at Derailments c.1978 (CR Derailment Valuation Guide c1978.pdf)

Freight Tariff 1 4-1-1976 (CR Freight Tariff 1 4-1-1976.pdf)

Employee Survey 7-24-1992 (CR Employee Survey 7-24-1992.pdf) 1.652MB

Claims Administration 3-1987 (CR Claims Administration 3-1987.pdf) 1.29MB

Release for Disposition - Chester Valley Running Track 3-14-1994 (CR Chester Valley Release 3-14-1994.pdf)

Release for Disposition - Honey Creek Secondary 3-15-1994 (CR Honey Creek Release 3-15-1994.pdf)


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