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(Penn Central Transportation Co. was the railroad company subsidiary of Penn Central Co. After its bankruptcy and reorganization, non-railroad assets were conveyed to Penn Central Corp., which was succeeded by American Premiere Underwriters, Inc., and Great American Insurance Co./American Financial Group)




Bulletin Orders

Employee Timetables


General Notices

Interlocking Charts

Maintenance of Way




PC Post

Standard Plans

Station Record of Train Movements


Track Charts



Freight Car Utilization Computer Control Reports 5-1975 (PCTC Freight Car Utilization Computer Control Reports 5-1975.pdf) 1.704MB

SALMAR Commodity Description Six Alpha Market Research, Manager, Marketing Data Control Philadelphia, PA Ext. 3192 11-3-1975 (PCTC A6 Commodity Description 11-3-1975.pdf) 21.535MB

"1973 - The Year of Decision for Penn Central" (Address by Goerge P. Baker, Trustee, Penn Central Transportation Co., at the 1973 National Transportation Institute, Chicago, 2-6-1973) (Baker Address 2-6-1973.pdf)

Organization Chart 3-1-1971 (PCTC Org Chart 3-1-1971.pdf) 1.909MB

Notice of Proposed Discontinuance of (Passenger) Service, H.C. Kohout, VP-Passenger Service, Philadelphia 3-9-1970 (PCTC Psgr Discontinuance 3-9-1970.pdf)

Equipment and its Utilization c.1969 (PCTC Equipment Utilization c1969.pdf)

Logo placement on equipment (PCTC Logo Equipment.pdf)

PCTC SEPTA Operation of Silver Liner Mark IV Cars 2-17-1975 (PCTC SEPTA Silverliner Mark IV Car Ops 2-17-1975.pdf) 13.52MB Courtesy RRSignal Collection

U.S. House Hearings

Penn Central Transportation Company: Adequacy of Investor Protection Hearing Before the Special Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, House of Representatives, 91st Congress, Second Session 9-24-1970 Serial No. 91-98 (PCTC Investors 9-24-1970.pdf) 11.775MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

U.S. House of Representatives 92d Congress, First Session, Staff Report of the Committee on Banking and Currency "The Penn Central Failure and the Role of Financial Institutions"

"Part I - Effects of Penn Central's Diversification Program on the Railroad's Cash Position" 11-2-1970 (PC Failure Part I 11-2-1970.pdf)

"Part II - Case Study of a Penn Central Subsidiary: Executive Jet Aviation" 12-21-1970 (PC Failure Part II 12-21-1970.pdf) 6.578MB

"Part III - Penphil: The Misuse of Corporate Power" 2-15-1971 (PCTC Failure Part III 2-15-1971.pdf) 4.2MB

"Part IV - Penn Central Loses Four Million Dollars: A story of International Intrigue" 3-11-1971 (PCTC Failure Part IV 3-11-1971.pdf) 1.17MB

"Part V - Trading in Penn Central Stock: Financial Institutions and Privileged Information" 3-29-1971 (PCTC Failure Part V 3-29-1971.pdf) 1.840MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection


U.S. Senate

1974 S.3343 Interstate Railroad Act of 1974 Bill - "... a bill to designate a national network of essential rail lines; to require minimum standards of maintenance on rail lines; to provide Federal financial aid for rail rehabilitation; to establish rights of access by rail carriers to rail lines and facilities, and for other purposes." (S 3343 4-10-1974.pdf) 3.612MB

1973 S.1031 Essential Rail Services Act of 1973 Bill - "... a bill to designate a national network of essential rail lines; to require minimum standards of maintenance on such lines; to create a not-for-profit corporation to acquire and maintain rail lines in the Northeast; to provide financial assistance for rehabilitation of rail lines; and for other purposes." (S 1031 2-27-1973.pdf) 6.394MB

1972 S.4017 Regional Railroad Rights of Way Authority Act Bill - "... a bill to allow the establishment of regional rail roadbed authorities to take ownership of the roadbed of bankrupt railroads and to issue revenue bonds to aid in the recapitalization of bankrupt railroads." (S 4017 9-21-1972.pdf) 1.509MB

Freight Schedules

Freight Service Guide 12-31-1968 (PCTC Freight Map 12-31-1968.pdf) 3.608MB
3-15-1969 (PCTC Freight Schedule 3-15-1969.pdf) 7.39MB
6-1-1974 (PCTC Freight Schedule 6-1-1974.pdf) 16.033MB Courtesy Blair S. Davies Collection

Station Lists

A.D. 80 Official List of Stations Revised Sections C (Stations Classified by Customer Accounting Centers), F (Alphabetical List of Stations) & G (Numerical List of Stations [PRR-Reading Seashore Lines, Monongahela Rwy, Monongahela Rwy Mines, PC&Y Rwy, Central IN Rwy]) 10-1-1970 (PCTC A.D. 80 10-1-1970.pdf) 24.882MB
List of Station Initials and Reporting Marks 4-1-1968 (PCTC Station Initials 4-1-1968.pdf)

ICC Annual Reports

R-1 Annual report to the ICC 12-31-1974 (ICC PCTC 1974 R-1.pdf) 25.965MB
R-1 Annual report to the ICC 12-31-1973 (ICC PCTC 1973 R-1.pdf) 25.965MB

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

1968 (PCTC CAFR 1968.pdf) 19.696MB
Proxy Statement 4-10-1969 (PCTC Proxy 4-10-1969.pdf) 3.363MB
1973 (PCTC CAFR 1973.pdf) 2.558MB

Interchange Reports

Sheet Numbers 221-228 9-28-1973 (PCTC Interchange Report 221-228 9-28-1973.pdf)


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