Penn Central Transportation Co. Archives - Maps


System Maps

3-16-1976 (CR System Map 3-16-1976.pdf) 2.217MB

6-1975 (PCTC System Map 6-1975.pdf) 4.311MB Courtesy David Mangold Collection

7-1970 with vicinity inserts (PCTC System Map 7-1970.pdf) 13.676MB


Front (PCTC System Map Front 1-1970.pdf) 13.011MB
Back (PCTC System Map Back 1-1970.pdf) 1.777MB

1-1970 with vicinity inserts 11" x 20" (PCTC System Map 1-1970.pdf) 3.123MB

1-1970 Industrial Development Department (high resolution) (PCTC System Map Hi 1-1970.pdf) 6.107MB

Copy 10-1-1968 (PCTC System Map copy 10-1-1968.pdf) 3.077MB


Region Maps

Southern Region Map Plan No. 14776 File No. 1106-25 (PCTC Southern Region Map.pdf) 3.262MB

(Possibly PCTC) Allegheny Division Map (Allegheny Division Map.pdf)


Valuation Maps

Conrail/Penn Central Corp. East Dennison, OH Conveyance Valuation Map 6-12-1984 (legal-size) (PCC East Dennison Val Map.pdf)


Yard Maps

Diagram of Scully Yard, Duff Branch Extension, PB&W RR, Plan No. PG 1367-29 3-29-1963 Revised 6-24-1975 (PCTC Scully Yard 6-24-1975.pdf) 3.213MB

Big Four Yard 12-15-1959 Revised 3-12-1969 (PCTC Indy Big Four Yard 12-15-1959.pdf) 4.591MB


Other Maps

Eastern Region Harrisburg Division Diagram of Tracks Lemoyne to Dillsburg Junction Including Yards 7-15-1966 (PCTC Hbg Track Map 7-15-1966.pdf)


Operations Maps of Divisions and Districts

1-1976 (PCTC Division Maps 1-1976.pdf) 21.935MB
6-1975 (PCTC Division Maps 6-1975.pdf) 21.163MB
10-1974 (PCTC Division Maps 10-1974.pdf) 20.432MB

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