New York Central Railroad Standard Plans


EC E-10 No. 10 Turnout and Crossover (NYC EC E-10.pdf)

EC J-2B Letters and Figures for Signs and Notices 4-16-1928 (NYC EC J-2B 4-16-1928.pdf)

EC J-4 Permanent Speed Boards 1-17-1963 (NYC EC J-4 1-17-1963.pdf)
EC J-4 Permanent Speed Boards (alt version) 1-17-1963 (NYC EC J-4-2 1-17-1963.pdf)

EC J-7 Whistle Posts 9-17-1967 (NYC EC J-7 8-9-1946.pdf)
EC J-7 Whistle Post 8-9-1946 (NYC EC J-7 9-17-1967.pdf)

EC J-11 Flanger Signs 3-8-1950 (NYC EC J-11 3-8-1950.pdf)
EC J-11 Flanger Signs for Snow Equipment (NYC EC J-11.pdf)

EC J-26 Warning Signs 2-4-1947 (NYC EC J-26 2-4-1947.pdf)

J-30 Standard Warning Signs 11-15-1929 (NYC J-30 11-15-1929.pdf)

Letters and Numerals 2-7-1956 (NYC Letters and Numerals 2-7-1956.pdf)

Passenger Station Sign 2-7-1956 (NYC Passenger Station Sign 2-7-1956.pdf)

Single Line Plans Signal Symbols (NYC Single Line Plans Signal Symbols.pdf)

Temporary Speed Boards 9-15-1965 (NYC Temporary Speed Boards 9-15-1965.pdf)
Temporary Speed Boards 5-23-1956 (NYC Temporary Speed Boards 5-23-1956.pdf)

Warning Signs (NYC Warning Signs.pdf)

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