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CSX-Conrail Track Overview Maps for the Integrated Territories - Baltimore Service Lane (CSX BSL Track Overview Maps.pdf) 3.404MB


Route Maps

Baltimore Division

Cumberland Terminal Subdivision (to be included with route maps of the Cumberland, Mountain, and Keystone Subdivisions) 2003 (Cumberland Terminal Subdiv Route Map 2003.pdf)

Baltimore Terminal Subdivision (including detailed maps of Bayview, Curtis Bay, Grays, Locust Point, Mount Claire, Mount Winans, & Penn Mary Yards and Industry Maps) 2002 (CSX Baltimore Terminal Subdiv Route Map 2002.pdf) 4.629MB
Capitol Subdivision (including Alexandria Extension and Landover Subdivision) 2002 (CSX Capitol Subdiv Route Map 2002.pdf)
Metropolitan Subdivision 2002 (CSX Metropolitan Sub Route Map 2002.pdf) 1.268MB
Old Main Line Subdivision (including the Maryland DOT Frederick Branch) 2002 (CSX Old Main Line Subdiv Route Map 2002.pdf)

Cumberland Subdivision (including the Cumberland Terminal Subdivision) 2001 (CSX Cumberland Subdiv Route Map 2001.pdf) 1.58MB


Buffalo Terminal Track Diagrams and Information Booklet 3-2000 (CSX Buffalo Terminal Track Diagrams 3-2000.pdf) 5.115MB

Louisville Division Toledo-Cincinnati Track Drawing copy (CSX Toledo-Cincy Track Drawing Copy.pdf) 4.236MB

Ohio Division

Columbus & Newark Subdivision Newark-Grant/Columbus 1985 (CSX C-N Subdivision Track Chart 1985.pdf) 395KB
Columbus & Newark, Central Ohio Subdivisions Lore City-Grant/Columbus (CSX Central OH Sub Track Chart 1985.pdf) 589KB

West Virginia Division 3-1984 (CSX WV Division Track Chart 1984.pdf) 11.012MB

Akron Division, Chicago West Subdivision Garrett-Pine Jct. 3-1-1983 (CSX Akron Division Garrett-Pine Jct Track Chart 1983.pdf) 1.027MB

Chicago Division 1985 (CSX Chicago Division TC 1985.pdf) 12.289MB


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